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# We build & supply all popular brands Workstations / Laptops / Printers / Consumables etc

What can we do for your business.  

With competition on the rise on a daily basis you need an edge on your competition. So let us take care of all your IT requirements. As IT solutions continue to increase the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and communication, business will continue to rely on Information Technology for success.

Services Available - Custom Software - Service Contracts - Upgrades - Support - Training - Repairs & Networking. Let's us assist you with all your IT requirements, our quotes are free our advise is free. Give us a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised. Contact us today and get in line for a custom made solution for you and your business.

Our Products & Services

"The bitterness of poor quality will be remembered long after the joy of a low price"

Desktop Systems, Servers,  Notebooks / Tablets, Printers / Inkjet / Laser, Consumables, Networking, NAS Storage Devices, POS Point Of Sale, Barcoding Systems & Consumables, Digital Cameras, Multimedia, Software & Volume Licensing, Media, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), Power Protection / Surge – Lightning, Network DVR, Solid State Drives, Desktop Scanners, Cell Phones, Calculators, Mice / Keyboards.

Advanced CAD Workstations

Your productivity depends on your tools, and the performance of your workstation will only be as good as the components you select. Today, that means you need to give full consideration to your choice of GPU as well as CPU, and your memory needs to be beefy enough to support all that computational horsepower. In the age of massively parallel, general-purpose GPUs, old ROI propositions no longer apply, demanding that we rethink our priorities when it comes to outfitting our next workstation.

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