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Solid State Drives Give You Rock-Solid Performance

There are no moving parts to solid state drives (SSDs). By contrast, hard disk drives (HDD) use a mechanical arm to move around and read information from a spinning platter. In addition, SSDs use non-volatile memory which simply means that when the memory is turned off it won’t “forget” what was stored.

So, if you want storage that leads the pack for performance, stability, and efficiency, a solid state drive (SSD) should be your pick.

Lasting Integrity

You can’t afford to lose key business data—or your beloved family photos—to hard drive failure. That’s why Intel® Solid State Drives (SSDs) are built with proven end-to-end data protection and the highest level of drive reliability. Intel SSDs:

Keep your data safe through millions of interactions.
Stand up to more than 2 million PLI cycles and self-tests without losing data, even    during power loss.
Are 100 times more reliable at preventing Silent Data Corruption, to ensure your files, photos and key pieces of information are there when you need them.

Reliably Effective Performance

When you invest in an SSD, you want to ensure that it will perform beautifully for years to come—no matter how much you stress it. Intel SSDs:
Are tested more rigorously than the competition: thousands of drives in thousands of different configurations, over one million power cycles.
Provide substantial consistency of performance.


Expect More. Do More.

Accelerate your productivity with fast performance. Trust your storage with extreme reliability. Charge your device less often with power-efficient performance. Intel® SSDs deliver more through a combination of performance, Intel quality and reliability, and power efficiency to optimize your experience across a variety of computing devices. Do away with the lag time and moving parts of a traditional hard drive and switch to an Intel® SSD.

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