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Printers - Thermal / Multifunction / Impact & Inkjet.
• Printers

Printers: the latest printing technologies available - the full range of Thermal, Multi-Function, Inkjet, Slip and Single Station printers available on the market - from all the major manufacturers and available ex-stock.


Scanners from across the whole market range including the popular DigiPoS CCD and DigiPoS laser scanners - which when purchased as part of a Digipos PoS in a Box solution automatically come with a 3 year warranty.

• Displays

Stylish displays, including new designs and functionality. Touch screens, monitors and customer displays including the full range of DigiPoS products.

• Keyboards & MSR's

PCPOS carry the fullest range of MSR, qwerty and programmable keyboards, including the Datakey Mini, where space is at a premium, all with 3 year warranty as part of a PoS in a Box solution.

• Cash Drawers

PCPOS provide a wide range of durable cash drawers for all retail environments including flip-top draws, under counter and the new euro cash draw.


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