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Let Your Primary Software Be Your Guide

CAD is no longer a software category. It’s no longer committed to mini computers the size of a car. CAD is now an entire discipline. It encompasses masses of hobbyists, engineers, construction professionals, architects and builders of all sorts. This discipline in turn requires a separate category of computers known as Workstations.

Let's be real. Nobody relies on just one application over the course of a day; we're all bouncing between disparate tasks and windows. But for the majority of CAD professionals, there is one application that dominates your day. It might be SolidWorks or AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, or Solid Edge.

Built For Professionals

Autodesk and NVIDIA collaborate closely on product development to deliver a reliable user experience, so everything will perform just the way you expect from day one. Quadro graphics solutions are designed, built, and tested by NVIDIA to provide you with the performance and reliability you need whenever you need it. And with a three year warranty, plus direct support from PNY and NVIDIA, Quadro solutions ensure the highest standards of quality, delivering industry-leading performance, capabilities, and reliability.


Do Your Best Work.

The latest NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards – based on the NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture – provide exceptional performance for AutoCAD. So you can work more quickly, explore your ideas, and still get your projects done faster. NVIDIA professional graphics provide leading performance that also lets you easily use the other applications in the AutoCAD Design Suite – such as 3ds Max – with complete confidence. This is something integrated graphics just can’t handle.

PNY provides designers, engineers & architects with cutting-edge nvidia technology to boost their productivity.

NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Quadro® professional desktop products are designed, built and engineered to accelerate any professional workflow, making it the top choice for millions of creative and technical users. Get an unparalleled desktop experience with the world’s most powerful GPUs for visualization, featuring large memory, advanced enterprise features, optimized drivers, and certification for over 100 professional applications. And with an extensive partner network, it’s easy for you to leverage the world’s leading visual computing platform anywhere in the world.

Download the Quadro Family specifications

Making the Right Choice - CAD Workstation

Your productivity depends on your tools, and the performance of your workstation will only be as good as the components you select. Today, that means you need to give full consideration to your choice of GPU as well as CPU, and your memory needs to be beefy enough to support all that computational horsepower. In the age of massively parallel, general-purpose GPUs, old ROI propositions no longer apply, demanding that we rethink our priorities when it comes to outfitting our next workstation.



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