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UPS | Lithium Inverters
(Un-interrupted Power - for those load shedding moments )

UPS - For those power shedding moments !

We supply both on-line & off-line ups's. - Our range vary from APC, Alpha Power /  Proline / Mecer & inverters.

Capacity:   - Up to 6KVA Available (On-line)

ME-600-BK (600VA):       360W (Off-Line)

ME-800-BK (800VA):       480W  (Off-Line)

ME-1000-BK (1000VA):   600W  (Off-Line)

ME-1400-BK (1400VA):   840W  (Off-Line)Mecer - Offline Ups.

ME-2000-BK (2000VA): 1080W  (Off-Line)

ME-3000-BK (3000VA): 1800W PDF (OFF-LINE)

Mecer Titan 3KVA On-Line UPS - PDF (ON-LINE)

Mecer Titan 6KVA On-Line UPS - PDF (ON-LINE)


Download your free Acrobat Reader now ! *MULTI PLUG (IEC) 1+1 WAY -10 AMP  R 89.00 Incl


** Please note: Due to high demand please place your orders promptly. Mecer UPS


RCT Inverters available:



# Click here for Unit Specification.

Intellipower 4 2400va /1440w Long Backup UPS w/ 2 x 105Ahs

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Navasolar TI-1512 Trolley Inverter 1.5kW with 1.28kWh Lithium Battery LiFePO4 SA Outlets
It comes in black box on wheels with inverter ontop (INT4) or grey box onNava wheels with inverter inside (PS1200A)NavaSolar TI-1512 all-in-one energy storage solution, with an integrated 1.5kW inverter. Now with a new cabinet design, stacked with solar energy storage 1280Wh LiFePO4 lithium battery, and a built in battery protection system. 
**During stage 4 to stage 6, we highly recommend turning off the power switch on the inverter itself, when the need for power is not crucial. This will preserve the longevity of the batteries. (Especialy when it comes to lead acid batteries and Gel batteries)



Nava Solar


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