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NAS - Network Storage Devices.

All-in-one backup solution

Working Together Works Better

Your Cloud, Your Business


Data scattered across computers, servers, and virtual machines, can be protected through one centralized console on a single Synology NAS.

Instead of purchasing and managing different backup software to protect all your business workloads, one package is all you need.    

A benefit of this all-in-one solution is unified support. You no longer have to spend time with multiple vendors and support teams. Contact our support and we will handle the rest.


Faster Backup

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology performs incremental backups instead of a full backup every time

Save more on hardware

Built-in global deduplication greatly reduces storage consumption

Worry-free data protection

Back up entire computers, servers, and virtual machines, and get everything back using the method of your choice.

More than a file server

Integrate with Synology Virtual Machine Manager to replicate a production environment for instant application availability

Painless deployment

Pre-determined template and volume installation simplify the process while agentless backup protects VMs and file servers.

Better restore reliability

Verify backups on Synology VMM to maximize backup reliability and minimize the burden in production environment


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