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NAS - Network Storage Devices.

All-in-one backup solution

Working Together Works Better

Your Cloud, Your Business

Delivering maximum storage capacity with the highest rack-space efficiency. 

Data scattered across computers, servers, and virtual machines, can be protected through one centralized console on a single Synology NAS.

Instead of purchasing and managing different backup software to protect all your business workloads, one package is all you need.    

A benefit of this all-in-one solution is unified support. You no longer have to spend time with multiple vendors and support teams. Contact our support and we will handle the rest.



What is NAS ?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an intelligent storage device connected to your home or office network. You can store all your family and colleagues’ files on the NAS, from important documents to precious photos, music and video collections. By using a web browser or mobile apps, you can access files and use various services provided by the NAS via the Internet.

The major drawbacks of storing files on the public cloud are letting someone else hold all your personal files and high monthly subscription fees. The shortcomings of USB drives range from a lack of off-site access and automatic backup to portability that can lead to loss or damage.

Using NAS is easy and budget-friendly

Synology provides various time-saving services. Simply apply for a QuickConnect ID, which allows handy access to your NAS and free you from complicated router settings. The intuitive user interface and comprehensive tutorials also help you easily manage your NAS.
Tired of upgrading your public cloud storage plans? Synology NAS provides a much larger storage space without monthly subscription fees. Just share its storage space with family members – a small investment that’s going to benefit the whole household.



Asustor AS6602T | Power for the power user
Bringing Double Performance, and SSD Caching to the Small Business

Backup is crucial for data protection. A regular data backup | preferably daily or weekly | saves your important files from inevitable data loss situations due to common events such as system crash, malware infection, hard drive corruption and failure, etc.


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