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NICS | Hubs & Switches

Companies often undervalue the importance of their network cabling infrastructure. A single network system forms the backbone of an organisation's IT infrastructure, responsible for everything from, data transfer internet access, messaging, telephony solutions, video and audio communications to security. It facilitates efficient collaboration between an organisation's employees. Its suppliers and customers. The consistency of its performance is crucial.


Micro-Ctrl takes the work out of networking by addressing the specific needs of a small business with a line of hubs, switches and network interface cards that are easy to install, affordable and guaranteed. We also cater for all your cabling requirements.

From a single network point to multiple nodes. - We also supply cabinets to house your server & switches, these come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Wireless Network Technology -   The Future of Networking

Wireless gives you extra mobility and flexibility and you won't be tied down to a set workstation. As long as there's power to the PC or Laptop, you'll be able to access the wireless network from any point within the workplace, classroom or IT suite. Accessing the company network and applications without a cable connection is becoming more and more common. Cost savings on and increased efficiency make wireless an essential part of any network.



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