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For many South Africans, buying a TV can be an overwhelming process. Even before you start looking at models and features (like is there a difference between HD, FHD, UHD and HDR?), there’s the question of which brand to choose when hitting the nation’s favourite stores. Is it much of a muchness or do the different manufacturers stand out for different reasons?

Operating out of Seoul, Korean manufacturer Samsung is a world-leader in consumer electronics and appliances. Although mobile phones are their primary source of income, when it comes to TVs, Samsung offers a massive range of LED products. Their newer high-end QLED TVs feature Quantum Dot display technology, for vastly increased colour range and contrast. The company invests heavily in innovation through product development, acquisitions and partnerships.


Another Korean tech giant, LG is a popular brand in South Africa for its mass-produced and widely-available products – ranging from cellphones to fridges, air conditioners and, of course, TVs. A world-leader in producing large LCD panels (even Samsung sources from them), LG’s big selling point right now is its OLED TV, where self-lighting pixels, as opposed to a traditional backlit display, create a “Perfect Black.” LG also makes Super UHD 4K TVs with optimised viewing from any angle.



This Chinese manufacturer is actually the top TV seller in South Africa, with around 390 000 units sold in the country last year. Hisense has been slowly building its reputation for affordable quality in South Africa since 1996, and has benefited from a strong relationship between the South African and Chinese governments.Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar HS218

Other TV brands that can be found in South Africa include JVC, Diamond, Panasonic, Sansui, Supersonic, Telefunken and Sinotec. As always, when making a purchase, check that your chosen product enjoys local warranty support for extra peace of mind, ensure it’s digital ready and don’t forget your TV licence.

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It seems like we've just got 4K TVs, and already the world's largest electronics manufacturers are talking up the next generation of the technology: 8K.

At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, fierce South Korean rivals Samsung and LG showed off their latest TV offerings, sporting giant screen sizes and eye-popping colors.

Both companies unveiled 8K TVs, claiming 8K is the future of the TV market.



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