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Intel Based Systems - Solutions @ WorkIntel Processor - Leading Brand.

Intel’s recently released 14th Generation Core processors are truly a generation like no other before, boasting superior performance when you need it the most, and multi-tasking like you’ve always wanted.    After all, there’s nothing more important when it comes to performance, than the central processing unit or CPU. It acts as the brains of all computer systems, and every single action the computer performs goes through this processor.  Intel’s 14th Generation Core processors offer businesses a unique mixture of performance and efficient-cores, known as P-core and E-core, which means superior, real-world performance, that scales intuitively to match whatever the user is doing. 

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Micro-Ctrl has a proven track record of serving businesses of all sizes. We are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs, all at a competitive price point 


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In an increasingly competitive landscape, gaining a competitive edge is crucial. Allow us to manage your IT needs. As IT solutions enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of business operations and communication, the reliance on Information Technology for business success continues to grow..

Services Available - We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Custom Software, Service Contracts, Upgrades, Support, Training, Repairs and Networking. We are committed to addressing all your IT needs. We provide free quotes and advice. We invite you to experience our services, which may exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a solution tailored specifically to your business..

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 Samsung 34'' G5 Odyssey Gaming Monitor; Curved; 3440X1440;
Max 165Hz; 1x HDMI; Display Port -
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Under the Micro-Ctrl brand, we are committed to delivering top-tier products, incorporating the latest technologies. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and maintenance for all our products and existing computer networks.

Our team of skilled system engineers is dedicated to offering superior service in hardware, software, and system support.

We offer a wide range of popular brands including HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Compaq, and Microsoft, among others.

Additionally, we supply a variety of printer consumables and offer printer repair and maintenance services. We value our customers and strive to meet their needs with quality and efficiency.


Micro-Ctrl South Africa.As a South African firm, we are dedicated to the procurement, assembly, marketing, distribution, and servicing of our personal computers and related products.

Leveraging the latest technology trends, we aim to ensure your business’s success. We strive to provide cutting-edge technologies at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional after-sales service and support.

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Anti-Virus & More

It is essential that every PC has a defense against computer viruses !

New threats can come from anywhere. Make sure all your Stuff stays secure.


Allow us to support you with all your IT needs. We offer complimentary quotes and advice. We invite you to experience our services, which may exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a tailored solution designed to meet your business requirements.

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